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I live in Borth on the West Coast of Wales with my partner Helen, our dog Dan, our cat Molly and Mrs Bunny. I spent so many hours on the beach taking pictures that I named myself Seaside Man. I like nature, particularly beaches and forests, and I find the beauty of Wales inspirational. I play the guitar reasonably well and sing fairly poorly. Music is my chief interest apart from photography.

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I left the computer industry in 2007 and took up photography. I gained a Masters Degree in Fine Art/Photography at Aberystwyth University, graduating in 2012.

Over the last few years, I have completed a range of photography contracts for local organisations.

I learned with film but now exclusively use digital. My current main camera is a Nikon D700, for which I have a good selection of top end lenses. I work to very high standards and have a deep love for all aspects of photography. I am also a skilled web designer and programmer.

If you want to get in touch, please email me at: