Future Projects

Hafod Trees

Hafod Trees

It is all too often the case in any artistic pursuit that there are too many possibilities, too many ideas, which need filtering to leave just the best ones. One of the trickiest things is how to go about doing this. For me at the moment there is a whole world out there that needs photographing. However, I need to consider which are the best subjects to further my career. What I want to do may not turn out to be the best choice.

Tree at Hafod

What I want to do is landscape photography. I want to focus on specific areas, produce a body of work based on that area and then produce a book and an exhibition on it. There are many such areas I could choose near me, and the Hafod Estate is one such. The pictures in this post all come from Hafod.

Autumn Woods

Alas, that probably won’t pay my electricity bill this winter, nor my council tax, car tax and food bills. But I do enjoy it.

Cheers, Tom.

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